Historic Locations


Retreived from old postcards, many of these locations are now under the waters of Greers Ferry lake.

casford.jpgCASE FORD EDDY
This was a popular summer swimming hole for the Heber Springs crowd. It provided an ample gravel bar with room to park and picnic as well as a natural boat launch area. The bluffs were great to dive from and of course there was the obligatory rope swing. Below this large eddy was a low water dam that was used to ford the river, hence the name.






park.jpgHeber Springs Spring Park
The Spring Park is central to the history of Heber Springs, as it is from this park that the name is derived. The park contains 7 mineral springs each reported to cure a variety of ills.






sugloaf.jpgSugar Loaf Mountain
Located east of Heber Springs this is a predominant natural feature. Combined with Little Red River and Greer’s Ferry Lake as one of the 3 most prominent geographic features in the county. Prior to the construction of Greer’s Ferry Dam, climbing Sugar Loaf was a special summertime fest. Parking and picnic facilities at the bottom were usually full on a sunny day. Now access is difficult and other summer activities at the lake have replaced this once favored treat.







bridge.jpgTumbling Shoals Swinging Bridge
A picturesque old swinging bridge near the site of the present Greer’s Ferry Dam was, in itself, a state-wide attraction in the 20-40’s. Constructed in 1912, it was a suspension bridge erected with a wooden frame hung on two steel cables. With a load limit of 3 tons, and wide enough for only one vehicle at a time, the bridge enjoyed a reputation for giddy excitement. A picnic area was located at one end and tourists often spent the day there, crossing and recrossing the bridge.