History of Higdon Arkansas


This is about the family that the town of Higden is named after.

Higdon.jpg H.N. Higdon Family

Thomas Geoffrey Higdon, after whom the town of Higden was named, was born about 1815 in North Carolina: his parents were Simeon and Margaret Higdon. It is believed Thomas G. Higdon served in the Civil War and was seriously wounded. He died about 1900 and is buried at Colony Cemetery near Morganton, Van Buren County, Arkansas. The town of Higden sponsored a fund drive to place a marker on his grave and held a memorial service on April 19, 1986, for their part in observing Arkansas’ Sesquicentennial.

Thomas Geoffrey Higdon was married to Dolly Thompson March 14, 1839. She was born 1821 in Tennessee, the daughter of William Thompson and Penelope Holland; Dolly Thompson Higdon died in Tennessee. Thomas and Dolly Higdon had ten children.

  1. William T. Higdon, born 1840, died October 22, 1887; married (1) Mary E. Whitehead (2) F. Kilbreath and (3) Sarah Rowe.
  2. Mary Caroline Higdon, born May 1842, died 1928; married James Robert Cody on September 22, 1870.
  3. Martha E. Higdon, born May 184, married John L. Short April 5, 1877.
  4. Thomas Jefferson Higdon, born July 15, 1846, died August 27, 1927; married Sarah Caroline Richardson in 1877.
  5. Simeio Higdon, born 1848, died 1870.
  6. Rebecca J. Higdon born 1851/52, married Jefferson Rollins 1883.
  7. Sidney Etta Higdon, born 1854, married James Wood January 10, 1885.
  8. Susan B. Higdon, born 1856, married (1) L.G. Ramer, (2) Thomas Parrish.
  9. David Newton Higdon, born September 15, 1862, married Selena Frances Wood June 30, 1887. He died November 28, 1928. (dau. Annie Prisley)
  10. Jasper Higdon, born October 1863.

After the death of Dolly Thompson, Thomas Geoffrey Higdon married Ann Jane Mullins (Malone), by whom he had three children.

  1. John Higdon, born 1867, died 1884.
  2. Sarah Matilda Higdon, born October 15, 1868, married Henry Abraham Turney July 4, 1889. She died August 4, 1929. (daughter Ida (Turney) Nelson )
  3. Ida Lee Higdon, married —– Thomason.

All of Thomas Higdon’s children were born in Benton County, Tennessee, near Camden, Tennessee. Most of them died in Arkansas. His daughter, Sarah Matilda, came to Higden at the age of six. The wagon train bringing the Higdon family came to the area about 1874.

Above from the Cleburne County Historical Journal Spring 1987

Added by Mary Turney Miller

I recently discovered the following. Using census records and family history, we had figured out that the above mentioned Anna Jane Mullins (Malone) was the mother of James Buel Mullins – our great-grandfather. We could not find the father of James Buel Mullins. James was born 1863 in Tn – during the Civil War. There are three individuals searching for this information. So far we have the following, any additional information will be appreciate.

From the Carroll Co Tn Historical Society, Gordon Browning Museum and Genealogical Library

  1. Thomas Higdon m. Dolly Thompson 14 Mar 1839 Benton Co., TN
  2. James Mullins m. Jane Malone 7 July 1861 Carroll Co., TN
  3. Thomas Higdon m. Jane Mullins 7 Nov 1866 Carroll Co., TN

I am from the James Buel Mullins line and have the rest of that families history – it connects to Hopson and Barnum. Contact Mary Turney Miller